Anthony Kellum

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anthonyfrom Anthony Kellum

From: Anchorage, Alaska

Mini Bio: Graduated from CMU with a degree in English Lit. Currently also working as a teacher’s aide at Rifle Middle School.

Reading Emphasis: I primarily pick up Science Fiction or Fantasy novels, but I’ve also read a typical amount of canonized English texts.

For YA and/or Fantasy readers: The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett
Pratchett is held by many as one of the most talented satirists we’ve seen, and one of the few to do so with a Fantasy series. Pratchett’s five book Young Adult series, referred to as the Tiffany Aching Adventures, is sure to bring laughter to readers of all ages. The series opens with Wee Free Men. In this text readers make a young witch from ‘the Chalk’  still learning about her powers. This young woman displays grit, resourcefulness, and a limitless supply of questions. When villains from fairy tales begin appearing on the Chalk and Tiffany’s brother goes missing, she must join forces with tiny blue men in order to bring a stop to the madness. This book sparks questions about identity, societal norms, and how to define ‘real’ in a world where the laws of nature are constantly changing.

Science Fiction: Empire Star by Samuel Delany
Delany is a Nebula Award winning author, yet Empire Star still exceeded all my expectations. This novella comes in at roughly 90 pages, and I finished it in one sitting the three times I have picked it up. The plot revolves around 18 year old Comet Jo. Comet Jo is considered a lesser being living in on a near worthless planet. Taking an opportunity to leave Comet Jo encounters a series of tutors who help he grapple with the question of existence.  Using heavily distorted language and concepts of time Delany introduces readers to the idea of simplex, complex, and multiplex consciousness. He then proceeds to explore the relationship between knowing something and understanding it. This text is a must read for all Science Fiction fans.

When You’re Looking to Mix it Up With Something Weird: Pick up anything by Haruki Murakami
Blending fantasy, sci-fi, absurdity, realism, mythology, and everything in between Murakami’s novels are sure to leave readers wondering what exactly it was they just read. All that being said, they are absolute page turners sure to make your heart race from start to finish.