High Altitude Cuisine by Marla Meridith

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October 4, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Out West Books
533 Main St.
Grand Junction

Marla Meridith and her cookbook High Altitude Cuisine.


“High country food is honest, bold and completely delicious. It’s meant to tempt the palate and nourish the soul no matter what the season. There’s a starkness in the mountains, an isolating quality that is softened with utterly tempting homemade meals. Mountain food is not fancy, but it’s completely seductive in its own way…,” adds Marla, expounding further about what inspired her to create “High Alpine Cuisine”:

“I love the simplicity of mountain cuisine, the challenge of limited resources at altitude and the need for (mostly) high-calorie cooking. Since we live and play hard in the outdoors, we need good calories to sustain our energy and fitness. My cookbook is inspired by my favorite mountain escapes around the world. Recipes and ingredients are from the high alpine regions of the USA, Europe and Canada. Because I keep the ingredients and cookware simple and easy for the home chef, the book is for chefs of all levels, really anyone with a passion for alpine cuisine. But ‘High Alpine Cuisine’ is not a high altitude cookbook; no adjustments will be needed for altitude. I wanted the recipes to be user-friendly for the girl living in the Big Apple who also loves to vacation in Telluride or Aspen. Friendly for the guy living in Kansas who loves skiing the Canadian Rockies. I want all my readers to be able to revisit their favorite mountain escapes through food. And since we eat with our eyes first, each of the 75 recipes is accompanied by a full photo presentation. There are also beautiful images of places I have visited to inspire others to dream and travel as I have.”