Mary Rankin

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maryfrom Mary Rankin

From: Grand Junction

Who: Senior at GJ HS

Types of books: I like to read nonfiction and realistic fiction.

Favorite book of 2015:
Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen
Saint Anything follows Sydney, a responsible and down to earl girl, who shows how life can be much more complicated than what meets the eye. This book is perfect for a young teenager who is just starting to build their own path in life. Experiences are explored and raw emotions are expressed, and the lesson to be your true self is taught. This book will touch your heart and take you on a journey that won’t be forgotten.

Favorite nonfiction book:
Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
Unbroken follows the true story of the unbreakable Louis Zamperini. Louis lived an incredible life and started out as a delinquent and turned into one of the greatest Olympic athletes in history. When WW II broke out, he followed his responsibilities and became an airman. In May of 1943, Louis’ plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean and was captured by the Japanese. This book tells the story of a man with an optimistic spirit and an indestructible will to survive. It’s a story everyone should read, and it will leave you with a lasting inspiration.