New Releases

 Our Favorite Releases for October 2017:


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Illustrated book coverHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Illustrated

by J.K. Rowling / illustrations by Jim Kay

The third book in the ever popular Harry Potter series returns with the beautiful and vivid illustrations of Jim Kay to accompany it. Follow Harry and his friends as he tries to avoid the recently escaped Sirius Black, until he learns that Sirius isn’t out to harm him at all.

The illustrations, including some double-page spreads, add an element of excitement and newness to the now familiar story of Harry and Sirius’ meeting.  This is sure to be a favorite for holiday gifts this year for young and old alike.

Release Date: Oct 3rd


Rules of Magic Book CoverThe Rules of Magic

by Alice Hoffman

This prequel to Practical Magic takes place in New York City at the start of the sixties.  Knowing her children are “different” Suzanna Owens sets very strict and specific rules for her three children, Franny, Jet, and Vincent.  These odd rules include no walking in the moonlight, no cats, no red shoes and no books about magic.

However, during a visit to their Aunt Isabelle in Massachusetts, the children uncover their true identities and what that means for them and their future.  Back in the city, they all begin their own journeys to escape the curse that haunts them.

Release Date: Oct 10

Turtles all the way down book coverTurtles all the way down

by John Green

The author of The Fault in our Stars returns with a story about Aza, a sixteen-year-old, and her “Best and Most Fearless Friend” Daisy.   The two set out to unravel a mystery once they discover that solving the mystery comes with hundred-thousand-dollar reward.

Follow the two as they try to navigate not only the mystery at hand, but the mystery of life, love and friendship.


Release Date: Oct 10


Leonardo Da Vinci Book CoverLeonardo Da Vinci

by Walter Isaacson

From the author of such great biographies as Steve Jobs and Einstein, comes yet another fascinating look into the life of a powerful figure in history.  Isaccson’s telling of Da Vinci’s life is based on Da Vinci’s notebooks, but also on more recent discoveries about his life.  The author uses the pages of his book to remind readers that, though we mostly know Da Vinci for his art, he was as much a scientist as an artist.

Isaacson spends time exploring how Da Vinci himself explored the world: from his personal life to the studies of anatomy, botany, and other subjects.  If you think you know enough about Leonardo Da Vinci, this book will prove you wrong.

Release Date: Oct 17

Book of Dust The Book of Dust (Volume 1): La Belle Sauvage

by Philip Pullman

Philip Pullman brings readers another book in three parts, like His Dark Materials.  This book and the second volume will focus on Lyra and Pantalaimon and tells the story of Lyra, from the beginning through adulthood.  Pullman is keeping volume three close to his chest, for now.

The author states that this series is not a prequel to His Dark Materials, but more “an equal.” There are characters and scenes that readers of the first series will recognize.  The story brings back to the center of things, Dust, and follows the struggle between a regime that wants to control everything and others who believe in free speech and thought.

Release Date: Oct 17

In the Midst of Winter book coverIn the Midst of Winter

by Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende, author of The House of Spirits and The Japanese Lover, returns with a story that centers around three very different people and how their lives connect.  Focusing on current issues like human rights and refugees, the story takes readers from Brooklyn in present-day to Guatemala and 1970s Chile and Brazil.

What begins as just a minor fender bender for 60-year-old Richard Bowmaster turns into much more when the person he hit, young Evelyn Ortega, approaches him for help.  He reaches out to his tenant, Lucia Maraz, 62, and there begins the journey of their romance, “in the midst” of the winter of their lives.

Release Date: Oct 31

NevermoorNevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow

by Jessica Townsend

(from Outwest Books owner, Marya Johnston): I’m really thrilled about this book. I read it in April, loved it, and thought it might be the new “Harry Potter” as far as fantasy for middle and older readers. the good news is, the main character is a girl!

Debut author Jessica Townsend brings fans of Harry Potter and Neil Gaiman, Morrigan, a young girl cursed from birth and doomed to die on her eleventh birthday.  Whisked away to a secret, yet safe, city called Nevermoor, Morrigan is given the opportunity to save herself from the curse and stay in the city if she can complete four difficult trials agains hundreds of kids.  All of these children are gifted with magical abilities, abilities that Morrigan doesn’t think she has. In order to win and stay in the city, she’ll have to test herself and find courage and gifts she didn’t know she possessed.

Release Date: Oct 31